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Model# JET1603C/A

Smart Features

Accurate and reliable for trusted jewelry weighing. 1600 ct/320 g capacity, 0.001 ct/0.1 mg readability, 4.5' color touchscreen, FACT fully automatic internal adjustment, 3 interfaces, 8 built-in applications, overload protection, metal base

Designed to Perform

Advanced weighing technologies, solid construction, and special design features deliver the accuracy you need for weighing jewellery and precious metals.

Intuitive Touch Screen Operation

The large colour touchscreen is easy to read, even under the dazzling glare of shop lights, while the user interface is simple for anyone to use.

Automatic Performance Testing

JET balances use internal weights to automatically test and adjust the balance, helping to ensure that weighing performance remains true.

Easy Device Connection

Connect a barcode reader, printer, Bluetooth adapter, or even a PC for easy upload and transfer of your weighing data. Conveniently, you can even run a printer and auxiliary display at the same time - just plug them in and you're ready to go.

Built to Last

You can be assured of a long balance lifetime thanks to the robust, high-quality construction and overload protection up to 100 kg.

Guided Applications

Built-in applications, including density and totalization, simplify your daily jewellery weighing tasks. Instructions are provided on the touchscreen display and results are calculated automatically.

Simple Density Determination

Convert your balance for density determination by installing a density kit in just a few simple steps. The built-in density application provides step-by-step instructions and takes care of all calculations to help you accurately establish the purity of gold.

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PLU: SC5000