Transcontinental Tool Co


Millgrain tools are used to create decorative beaded detail edge on jewelry, settings and engravings.

The Millgrain tool has a tempered wheel with concave cup shaped pattern equally spaced depressions all around its perimeter. The tool is used by hand, mounted on a wooden chuck holder, applying even pressure while rolling the wheel on a slightly rounded edge.     

Millgrain tools in various sizes are used to enhance, dress up and produce detail edges on settings, bezels, mountings on various Jewelry.  They are also used by engravers to add details and highlights to designs.

Millgrain Tool is size #8 is a medium size (Range available #1 to #15) in the hand Millgrain tools, has a width space across each line of the pattern approximately 0.49mm.  The #8 Hand Mill Grain Tool gives a good defined beaded design.