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This No-Shrink Pink natural mold rubber strip is the best Castaldo® yet for absolutely 0% shrinkage, high adherence to detail and exceptional memory. To achieve precise temperature control, accurately calibrate the vulcanizer. Full instructions are included. Castaldo natural mold rubber is made with a high concentration of pure natural rubber, making it pliable and durable. All Castaldo natural organic mold rubber products require a release agent.

Castaldo®—known throughout the jewelry industry for performance, dependability and value—manufactures mold rubber trusted the world over.

Material : Rubber
Spool or package quantity : 5 lbs.
Shrinkage : 0%
Vulcanization temperature : 310°F (154°C)
Country of origin : United States

Castaldo Ready-Cut Mold Rubber Rectangles
Castaldo Ready-Cut Rectangles measure 1-7/8" x 2-7/8" x 1/8" thick.

White Label Firmer and less expensive than Gold Label, White Label is most commonly used for producing larger and simpler wax patterns. Download MSDS
Gold Label Softer and more flexible than White Label, Gold Label is ideal for fine, delicate pieces and filigree.
No Shrink Pink No Shrink Pink is a vulcanizing rubber that produces wax castings of exactly the same size of your original model in approximately 90 minutes, depending on size.