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A revolutionary, affordable and user friendly gold/platinum purity analyzer. This meter is a quick and easy nondestructive way to test gold and platinum. Test gold alloys from 10K to 24K without having to push a color button. Uses no messy gels or chemicals. Easy to read analog meter movement allows each individual user, after calibration, to become very efficient and comfortable testing gold on his/her meter. The testing probe refill comes with a new cap and polishing tip and is easy to replace. This allows the user to get many years of service from one meter. Uses one AA battery. 

  • Meter readout shows karat value ranges
  • Tests 10K, 14K, 18K, and 22-24K gold in all colors and identifies platinum
  • Helps to authenticate stainless steel Rolex cases and bands. Genuine Rolex stainless steel will test similar to platinum, as Rolex uses a special patented stainless steel. Fakes will generally test as not gold (red area on the meter) on the KEE tester.
  • Manual dial adjustment calibration using 18K yellow gold
  • Durable testing plate
  • Accessory clip for testing gold while being worn

Additional Information:

PLU: 19450-19473