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German Red Pitch is preferred by many silversmiths because it is less brittle than black pitch and has much greater plasticity at lower temperatures (even at room temperature). This pitch works well for deep chasing and repoussé as well as forming and engraving. Since Red Pitch melts at around 110°F, all you need is a hot air gun to soften it enough to secure your work in place. Provided in an aluminum foil tub, the 4.4 lbs (2 Kg) of Red Pitch will fill a 7" or 8" Deep Pitch Bowl (see related products below). Made in Germany.

Simply remove the pitch from the foil tub, break it up into small pieces with a hammer (within a burlap or other cloth bag) and place them in a pitch bowl. Or, you may place the small pieces in your pitch bowl and place the bowl in an oven at 300°F, being careful to avoid boiling the pitch. When handling molten pitch, wearing eye protection and a long sleeve shirt are an absolute must. Molten pitch can cause nasty burns.