Transcontinental Tool Co


90 mm Combination Ultra Mill

Gear ratio 4:1
Roller width 90 mm
Roller diameter 42.6
Maximum opening 5 mm
Flat area (+/- 0.01mm) 50mm
Square wire (+/- 0.01mm) : 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0
Ring shank - half round ellipsis: 2.5 x 1:3 x 1.25 ; 4 x 1.5
Capable of producing metal foil as thin as .001"
All models equipped with 4:1 reduction gear box
Custom designed heavy duty packaging
Precision hobbed gears from solid steel - no casted gears
High strength housing
Custom designed maintenance free bronze bushings
Induction hardened in strategic areas to 65HRC hardness
Polished and machined rolls to achieve a mirror finish
We have started utilizing a unique hardening procedure which allows us to market superior rollers that will perform beautifully.Our rollers are made from a high quality carbon steel alloy that offers excellent wear resistance and the outer 3mm of the rolls are hardened to 65 HRC for superior deformation resistance.