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This convenient, all-in-one special formula is an MJSA award-winning ceramic flux spray that replaces firecoat, pickle, and fluxes. It offers industry-leading firescale protection. It also provides a flawless, void-free weld and a consistent, predictable solder flow. It maintains original metal color and patina. Works with platinum, gold, silver, copper, brass, steel, palladium, and titanium. In addition to this being non-flammable, it is also chloride-free, alcohol-free, and fluoride-free (therefore it is safe for ruby and sapphires). To use, simply spray on, solder your pieces, then rinse clean with warm water. Made in the U.S.A. *Please refer to the included MSDS for safety information and usage instructions.

Additional Details & Specifications:
• Includes a 125 milliliter spray bottle (approximately 4.25 ounces).
• Multiple soldering with a single application.
• 60% reduction in prep time.

Additional Information:

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