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Pearl & Bead Drilling Jig

This self-centering jig holds pearls, beads, and other round objects (up to 10 mm diameter) for drilling. The sliding brass holders have concave depressions in both ends, with one depression larger than the other for holding larger diameter pearls. The included hex wrench adjusts small set screws to fine-tune the holding position. Once your pearl is secured, insert a 1 mm (or smaller) drill bit into the hole in one of the brass holders and drill into the pearl. Since both holders have holes in them, you can drill half-way through the pearl from each side, then switch to the other side, avoiding damage to the outermost layer of nacre from the drill bit exiting the pearl.

Note: your drill bit must extend more than 21 mm into the brass holder in order to reach the pearl. Continuous diameter drill bits work best.

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