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Gemlogis Belize is the industry's first twin probe tip tester. Its patented technology combines a Thermal Probe and Optical Probe to differentiate an earth-mined, synthetic diamond, moissanite, or simulant. It is designed to test on any jewelry mounting (Either closed or open-back)

ASSURE tested & certified

Patented Technology

Test both loose and mounted stones (Open or closed back)

Quick identify between Earth-Mined Diamond, Type IIa/HPHT/CVD Diamond, Simulant and Moissanite (including F1 Moissanite).

Connects wirelessly with Gemlogis Reference Meters (sold separately)

Highly compact and light device

Caters to both left and right hand users

Testing Range: 0.02ct+

Color Range: Colorless to near colorless (D - J)

Dimensions (mm): 182 x 47 x 24

Weight (g): 105

Battery Life (Hrs): 3hrs non-stop. 720hrs standby.

Warranty: Factory 12 months

Additional Information:

PLU: 54-1269