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The Solder-It MJ-600 Micro-Therm Flameless Heat Gun features a Piezo electronic ignition and can be used for on-the-spot heating applications. This makes it perfect for everyone from campers to anyone who works outdoors and needs a reliable and flameless system of heating or drying. The wind and waterproof ignition are a real bonus when working in less than perfect weather conditions. The unit comes with a safety switch which helps prevent accidents.

The RC-30 fuel cell is easy to find so you should never be without a fuel supply. For the hobbyist working with vinyl or plastic, this unit can be real helper. Even for simple PVC manipulation, you will find the MJ-600 a viable assistant.

General heating and drying applications
Activate adhesives and potting compounds
Bend and form plastics and plastic laminates
PVC bending
Preheat flux
Remove windshield caulking
Install heat shrink tubing without a flame
Install heat shrink solder filled connectors flamelessly
Manipulates molded plastic parts
Stretch vinyls
Vinyl repair
Thawing frozen locks

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