T-250 FERRIS FILE-A-WAX FLAT-SIDED LG 1-1/8 X 1-1/8 X 5/8"H

Transcontinental Tool Co



Ferris Wax Tube Green Tube is a carving wax extruded and pre-formed to a solid tube ring shape used for making models to be reproduced by lost wax casting. This carving wax ring blank is used by wax designers and master carvers by sawing, filling and carving the larger ring designs. Ferris Green Wax is the hardest grade of carving waxes. The Ferris Green wax can not be flexed is rigid wax excellent for detail carvings. The Green Wax Tube is widely used in machining or milling applications. Each wax tube is individually packaged in a clear plastic container with complete FERRIS Step by Step Instruction sheet.

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PLU: T-250